Advanced Video Series

$ 34,99

This video series is composed by 10 detailed, exclusive and comprehensive video tutorials that cover the methods, tools, mindset and the entire system for not only conquering self-doubt but also skyrocketing your self-esteem.


This brand-new video series for “Self-Esteem Engagement” has more than 1 hour of content, organized in 10 tutorials. Each section of the guide is broken down into one separate video, allowing you to digest the contents section by section without becoming overwhelmed. Better yet, you’ll be able learn in a visual and audible way everything that’s laid out in this self-esteem manual. Here’s a summary of the videos in this upgraded package:

  • Video 1: Conformity May Be Hazardous To Your Health
  • Video 2: Self-Acceptance – The Right And Wrongs About You
  • Video 3: Difference Between Confidence And Esteem + Your Environment
  • Video 4: How Fear Usurps Esteem And How To Fix It
  • Video 5: Esteem At Social Gatherings And The Work Place
  • Video 6: Don’t Take It Personally?  How!?
  • Video 7: Esteem of The Body and Mind
  • Video 8: Silly Habits To Boost Self-Esteem
  • Video 9: Developing Support Systems
  • Video 10: Making Short And Long-Term Goals For Your Life


We believe that self-doubt can be conquered with the right perception and frame of mind and that with this training course you can easily beat the self-doubt, increase your confidence and improve your life.

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” – Oscar Wilde

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