Self-Esteem Engagement

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$ 12,99

70 pages (more than 12500 words of content)

Audiobook – 1h06 min (scroll down to find it)

Includes the Hybrid Cheat Sheet, the Dos and Don’ts Chart and 5 posters

With this Self-Esteem course, you will learn:

  • An approach to transform your perspective
  • How to decrease your fear of situations
  • The inside scoop about what fuels self-doubt
  • Simple tricks to improve self-confidence
  • Proven solutions for decreasing doubt
  • Helpful affirmations and quotes for esteem


We all know that self-esteem is super essential, and yet many people still allow it to hold them back in life. That’s why we took the time to network with experienced professionals and resources to write a self-esteem improvement ebook that contains real-world insights and examples from professionals.

From the ground up, starting with the science behind self-esteem, addressing it, changing habits and perspectives, strategies for practicing, and everything in between. It is all-inclusive and fully geared towards ANYONE benefiting from it. Most people ignore many of the strategies that work and are described throughout this self-esteem ebook. This means that they will not only understand these methods now, but also how effective they will be in immensely improving their self-esteem and self-image.

This fully stocked and very detailed ebook delves deep into aspects of improving not only self-esteem but quality of life as well. Through scenarios, examples and real-world solutions.

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6 reviews for Self-Esteem Engagement

  1. Cynthia Howery

    What a great ebook. There were some great tips and information on how to allow yourself to have a greater sense of self worth. Many of the tips didn’t even cross my mind. Good job with this ebook.

  2. Jimmy banh

    Plain and simple, it has good advice and I’m looking forward to practicing some of the techniques explained within. Thanks

  3. Fabian Aust

    I got a good insight into what constitutes self-esteem and am completely satisfied with the book.

  4. Laura Heldt

    I love this book very much! It’s great for self-esteem, helped me a lot! Very simple to read but full of information! I advise!

  5. Jennie Thompson

    Really good ebook that I have recommended to friends. I learned a lot and found it very helpful. One of the best self-help ebooks I have read.

  6. Stefanie Sperl

    Thank you for the great book and the huge and valuable gain in knowledge on the search for myself.

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